Wednesday , May 22 2024

A District Judge of US order temporarily blocks President Trump’s travel ban nationwide.

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A District Judge of USA imposed a nationwide hold on President Donald Trump’s ban on travelers and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries, siding with two states that had challenged the executive order that has launched legal battles across the country.

US District Judge James Robert in Seattle ruled that Washington state and Minnesota had standing to challenge Trump’s order, which government lawyers disputed, and said they showed their case was likely to succeed. About 60,000 people from the affected countries had their visas cancelled.

“The state has met its burden in demonstrating immediate and irreparable injury,” Robert said.

“This TRO (temporary restraining order) is granted on a nationwide basis …” he continued

It wasn’t immediately clear what happens next for people who had waited years to receive visas to come to America, however an internal email circulated among Homeland Security officials told employees to comply with the ruling immediately.

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