Wednesday , June 19 2024

Salaries and pension-related issues have solved: A Qadir Mangi DG KDA

By Our Staff Reporter

Karachi: Director General KDA, Mr. Abdul Qadeer Mangi said that steps are being taken for the financial stability of Karachi Development Authority while Salaries and pension related issues have solved. He was expressing his views during a meeting with delegation of  CBA mazdoor Union including Chairman Abdul matteen Shaikh, General Secretary Muhammad Ishfaque Chishti,  President Afzal Hussain Siddiqui, Muhammad Anwar Shaikh,  Farman Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Hashim, Muhammad Abdullah, Muhammad Shoib and others. On that occasion Director, General KDA said that all the financial issues will be improved since coming month while practical efforts have been made for the well beings of employees. During meeting Chairman CBA mazdoor union Mr. Abdul Matteen Shaikh assured for keeping their strong coordination with Director General for the stability of  Department.

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