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Police and Law-enforcement agencies arrest 9 suspects arrested for targeting anti-polio campaign in K-P

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PESHAWAR: At least nine more people, responsible for vandalizing government properties during riots in the city over fake news that hindered anti-polio campaign in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), were arrested in the provincial capital on Wednesday.

As the anti-polio campaign entered the third day across the country, it failed to continue in 24 Union Councils (UCs).

‘Political figures’ blamed for spreading rumors to target K-P polio drive

A special team, led by SP Saddar division Sahabzada Sajjad, was formed to arrest the culprits. The arrested men – Irfan, Sifatullah, Laeeq, Fazal Daud, Waqas, Subhanallah, Rehmanullah, Adil and Yasir – were identified through pictures and videos running on social media.

According to Peshawar SP Sajjad, the total number of people arrested in the last two days now reached 10.Panic spread across K-P on April 22 after reports emerged that several schoolchildren were rushed to nearby health facilities after consuming anti-polio vaccine. Both the school administration and the affected parents suspected the children got sick because of the polio vaccine. However, health officials rejected their claims. Family members and area residents resorted to agitation in protest against the incident and burnt down a health facility in Peshawar.

“The arrested man had attacked the  Basic Health Unit (BHU) to sabotage polio campaign in K-P. More raids are being conducted to arrest persons involved in the Peshawar rioting. Two Kalashnikov rifles and a pistol were also recovered from their possession.” SSP Peshawar said, “The suspects were involved in vandalism and siege and arson. The principal of the private school, who played a key role, has gone into hiding but he will be arrested soon.”

SSP Operation Zahoor Babar Afridi added, “The polio drive is successfully underway across the district, except in Peshawar’s Mashokhel area. Additional security has been provided to the polio teams.”

He insisted that the public should not believe in the rumors and that one would be permitted to take law in their hands. According to sources in the Emergency Operation Centre, several polio teams were not sent to the suburban areas due to security threats. Health unit set on fire in a protest sparked by polio vaccine in Peshawar

“The parents are fully co-operating in other areas. The target is to administer polio drops to 7.6 million children of K-P. 24, 18, 000 children have been given polio drops in the last two days.”

The sources continued, “5, 11, 000 children between the ages of 5-10 have been administered polio drops only in Peshawar with a set target of administrating polio drops to 6, 28,000 children during the campaign.”

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