Friday , December 8 2023

Pemra’s directives to Channel-24 regarding Najam Sethi’s Programme

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Islamabad: The channel has been directed by Pemra to air an apology during the same show “besides running text scrolls to the same effect for propagating false news about [the] Prime Minister of Pakistan”. “The apology, including that in audiovisual and text scroll form, should clearly refer to in its subjective context without repeating the afore-noted news item,” states Pemra’s notification. The channel has also been ordered to pay a sum of Rs1 million as fine to the authority.  In case of failure by the channel to comply either partially or wholly with Pemra’s orders, the show concerned “shall remain prohibited for a period of thirty days”, according to the notification. Furthermore, non-compliance shall be construed by the authority as the channel being “willfully defiant” and measures shall then be taken to suspend and/or revoke its license.

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