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“ Fatima Bhutto will get her Father’s position of PPP-SB”, Ghous Ali Shah claims

By Sindhsamaachar correspondent

KHAIRPUR: Former Sindh chief minister Syed Ghous Ali Shah is hopeful for the bright political future of Fatima Bhutto, daughter of Mir Murtaza Bhutto, he is also seeing a major role in Pakistani politics especially in Sindh province.

 Ghous Ali Shah believes Mir Murtaza Bhutto’s daughter Fatima Bhutto will one day get her due place in politics because “her father was martyred and children of martyrs do replace their parents sooner or later”. Ghous Ali Shah was speaking to reporters at a gathering in the city on Wednesday. Mr. Shah was of the view that Imran Khan was a good and honest politician who was performing well. The past governments had created serious crises for the country, the consequences of which were being faced by the present government and people of the country, he said.

He hoped that Imran Khan would soon put the national economy back on track. He, therefore, must be allowed to complete five-year tenure. He said that the Pakistan Peoples Party had broken all past records of corruption. If they had been clean they would not have been facing cases by the National Accountability Bureau. Sindh Chief Minister should have resigned after the tragic incidents of Ismat, Nashwa, and Ahsan, he said. He said that the chief minister who could not even rein in police and health departments had no right to continue to cling to the office.

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